About Us

Our Story

My journey started when I gained 80lbs after the birth of my kids. I went on rigorous diet programs to lose the weight. Although I lost some of the weight it was not sustainable because I was restricted to certain meal types that I was not familiar with. Therefore, anytime I went back to eating my normal meals, I gained the weight back.

After extensive research, I realized that the key to a successful weight loss was Caloric Deficit not the meal type.

But I asked myself,
how can I get the calorie
information of any food
I wanted to eat and remain
in Caloric Deficit?

With great determination and a passion to achieve my weight loss goals, I was compelled to find a solution that would provide the most accurate calorie information on any food item or recipe.

 Eatrytte was born!

By working with industry experts and a renowned scientific food laboratory, I created the most advanced Nutrient Calculator. Eatrytte calculates the most accurate nutritional information for any food or recipe.

With Eatrytte, you can achieve your weight goal by eating what you love as long as you stay within the recommended daily calorie amount for your weight goal.

The Eatrytte mobile app works on the premise that if a user understands the nutritional make up of their food, they can adjust their meals to suit their recommended daily calories and achieve weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance.

Our Commitment

Eatrytte is committed to empowering you with knowledge of effective weight management without the need to constantly diet. 


How it Works

Track you nutrients accurately, count calories on any diet, and find your personalized nutritious recipes ready to use in one go.

Select & Add ingredients

Type and search for the ingredients of your choice.

Create Recipe

Prepare your own recipe with the selected ingredients.

Get nutrition information

Get your personalized information ready with a properly balanced nutrition.

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& Start Being Healthy

Finally put away the differences between nutrition and taste to enjoy the taste of eating right