20 Breakfast Habits Making You Gain Weight

Weight loss is a struggle for many, and in a bid to lose weight, different people try different things. From rigorous exercises to outrightly skipping meals, many are willing to do whatever it takes to lose weight

However, some people don't lose weight even after going by the usual routines for weight loss. This may be due to some common habits that are usually overlooked. 

Here are some breakfast habits that are ruining your chances of losing weight:

1. Eating when you're distracted

Because our days are busy and work-filled, many people try multi-tasking while they eat. While watching the TV or reading the news, some people sneak in their breakfast. This becomes a distraction and can make you prone to overeating, which is not good for weight loss.

2. Overeating

Overeating is another bad habit that can lengthen your weight loss journey, and the temptation to overeat comes almost always when you have breakfast. Due to the fact that you expect a really busy day, you may be tempted to keep eating even when you've reached your limit. If you eat large portions in the mornings, it is high time you stopped.

3. Eating "unbalanced" meals

Asides from losing weight, you cater for your overall health when you eat balanced meals. But many times, because of the morning rush, we eat random foods without considering their effect on our body and its ability to lose weight. Instead of just any food, for breakfast, carefully plan out your breakfast to include fruits, vegetables and protein.

4. Eating Out

Eating out may save you the time and stress of cooking your meals, but it sure doesn't save you from gaining some extra pounds. When you have your breakfast at a fast-food joint, you're more likely to gain weight because the foods you buy contain more calories and are sometimes saltier than home-cooked meals. This increases your chances of weight gain, rather than weight loss.

5. Eating with large plates

Do you know that eating with large plates can make you eat more (and consume more calories)? This is because large plates make your food look smaller, making you eat more than you normally would. This can lead to overeating and weight gain. 

6. Emotional eating

You're an emotional eater when you eat for reasons other than hunger. Having breakfast because you're happy, sad or depressed can make you overeat and erase your chances of losing those extra pounds.


7. Skipping breakfast

A wrong belief many hold is that skipping meals (especially breakfast) can make them lose weight. This is an unhealthy practice that can make you overeat/binge eat throughout the day. At all cost, avoid skipping meals, especially breakfast.


8. Under sleeping

When your body is not well-rested, you run a higher chance of weight gain. This is because a good night sleep can help make better-eating decisions not just for breakfast but throughout the day, leaving you more motivated on your weight loss journey. Under sleeping does the opposite, and is a no-no if you're on a journey to weight loss.

9. Eating hurriedly 

Morning time is usually when you're in a hurry, but you shouldn't eat breakfast in a rush. Rushing down your breakfast can make you overeat because your brain doesn't receive a signal that you're full until after about 20 minutes. 

10. Having only smoothies for breakfast 

While green smoothies are healthy and weight-loss friendly, it is not advisable to have only a smoothie for breakfast. This is because smoothies may not provide the needed energy to carry you through. Instead of having smoothies alone, have them alongside protein and whole grains.

11. Eating too much fibre

Fibre is an important food for your weight loss journey, but eating it in excess can leave you feeling bloated. Instead of eating only fibre-rich food, have your breakfast to include protein and vegetables/fruits.

12. Eating salty foods for breakfast 

From salty chips to fries and bacon, many consume breakfast with high salt content. The sodium contained in these foods not only leave you bloated but also puts you at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.

13. Drinking an insufficient amount of water

Water is important for weight loss and overall health as it helps in flushing unwanted wastes from your body. When you have an insufficient amount of water, you're dehydrated, your energy level is low, and you're prone to making wrong food choices throughout the day.

14. Stocking up unhealthy foods

Having your fridge full of not-so-healthy foods can amount to you making serious breakfast mistakes. When you have a pantry full of junk food, you're definitely going to feed on junk and snacks which contain way more calories and fat than healthy home-cooked foods.

15. Having soda/energy drinks for breakfast

Drinking calories for breakfast is one habit you should stop if you want to have a successful weight loss journey. This is because soda/energy drinks can make you drink more calories than you should, making the calorie deficit needed for weight loss nearly impossible to achieve.

16. Eating "low fat" foods

Fats, like protein and fibre, can make you feel fuller for a period of time, and consuming low-fat foods does not necessarily mean consuming low calories because low-fat foods still contain high amounts of calories. Rather than completely avoiding fats, include healthy fats in your breakfast.

17. Eating foods containing high amounts of sugar

When making your breakfast, avoid excessive use of sweeteners, whether natural or artificial. This is because a high intake of sugar can put you at risk of obesity and other severe health conditions. 

18. Having soda/energy drinks for breakfast

Drinking your calories can ruin your weight loss plan. This is because when you drink your calories, you consume way more calories than your body needs, making the calorie-deficit need for weight loss nearly impossible to achieve. 

19. Eating from the pack 

Because food portion control is not possible when you eat directly from the pack, you're at a higher risk of overeating and consuming more calories. Rather than eating directly from the pack, measure your food in a bowl or plate.

20. Breakfast without vegetables 

Fruits and vegetables are important for a healthy weight loss journey, and for your overall health. Including fruits and vegetables in your breakfast can add colour and taste to your food, while at the same time providing the needed nutrients for a healthy weight loss.

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