20 Foods Ruining Your Weight Loss Goals

To achieve your weight loss goals, some common rules like eating healthy, engaging in physical activity or practicing healthy lifestyle habits,  are prescribed. Most times, these rules work, but some other times, they don't. This may be partly due to what you eat.

Even though some foods appear healthy, they sometimes contain hidden ingredients and calories that can harm or hinder your weight loss journey. Here are 20 of such foods that may be hindering from losing weight.


1. Diet soda


While the common idea is that drinks tagged "diet" are weight-loss friendly, it turns out that these drinks contain artificial sweeteners that increase your cravings for high calorie foods.


2. Avocados


Even though avocados contain healthy nutrients and are potent in averting certain cancers, they are high in calories, and eating them in excess can stop you from achieving your weight loss goals.


3. Fruit juice


Most fruit juices contain added sugars and put you at risk of consuming more calories unknowingly. Drinks that contain added sugars are the biggest culprits of weight gain, as they hinder you from obtaining a calorie-deficit.


4. Frozen foods


To have a successful weight loss journey, you'd need to cut down on your consumption of frozen foods. This is because frozen foods contain high amounts of sodium which is harmful for a healthy weight loss journey.


5. Sugary drinks


Consuming sugary drinks amounts to drinking your calories. This is because these drinks have high sugar content, and can lead to an oversupply of calories. To lose the excess weight, avoiding sugary drinks is non-negotiable.


6. Fries


Potato chips and French fries have been linked to weight gain. A serving of potato chips is high on calories, and is probably the reason why you've not lost as much pounds.


7. Pastries and confectioneries


Cookies, cakes and pastries are packed with fats and calories that are harmful for a healthy weight loss. Apart from the fact that they barely satisfy, they increase your chances of high-calorie foods afterwards.


8. Pizza


Store-bought pizza are known to contain refined flour, sugar and processed meat. This obviously means that pizza contains unhealthy amounts of calories. Rather than buying pizzas from stores and fast food joints, a more healthy option is to make your pizza at home using only healthy ingredients.


9. Alcohol


Excessive intake of alcohol can be harmful to your weight loss journey. Studies have shown that heavy drinkers are more likely to be obese. In order to achieve your weight loss goals, you may need to cut down on alcohol consumption.


10. Low-fat dairy products


Some low-fat diary products like yoghurts may appear weight-loss friendly, but this is hardly the case as they contain added sugars which does not support a healthy weight loss. Consider having moderate amounts of plain full-fat yogurt instead.


11. Candy bars


Even though small, candy bars contain excessive amounts of sugar, and about 200 - 300 calories per candy. To satisfy your cravings, a healthy option is to snack on fruits and vegetables like carrots, apples or nuts.


12. Packaged smoothies


Most packaged smoothies have more fruit content than vegetables. They also contain sugar which is harmful for a healthy weight loss. Making your smoothie at home is a better way to monitor what your consume, and can help you achieve your weight loss goals.


13. White bread


Studies show that eating as few as 2 slices of white bread can increase your risk of obesity by about 40%. This is because white bread refined floor and sugar, and can lead to overeating afterwards. To avoid weight gain, you'll need to avoid white bread too.


14. Cheese


Consuming excessive amount of cheese can cause a buildup of fat, which you don't need if you're on a weight loss journey. To achieve your weight loss goals, make sure to reduce your cheese consumption.


15. White rice


White rice contains high glycemic index, and this means it can raise your blood sugar levels, especially when consumed in excessive amounts. Brown rice contains a lower glycemic index and is a healthier replacement.


16. Red meat


Red meat contains a higher amount of fat that other meats, and this makes it a bad choice for a healthy weight loss. Instead of having red meat, have lean or extra-lean meat.


17. Salad dressings


Vegetables are great for weight loss, but store-bought salad dressings can counteract the effect of these vegetables. This is because salad dressings contain transfats, sugar and preservatives (sodium).


18. Fat-free foods


Most foods that have the "fat-free" label contain high amounts of salt, sugar or artificial flavour. While consuming fat is harmful to weight loss, so also is consuming sugar.


19. Cereals


Cereals contain high amounts of sugar (and calories). Consuming cereals can not only increase your risk of weight gain, but can also increase the risk of diabetes.


20. Dried fruits


Even though dried fruits contain less calories than fresh fruits, they are way more sugary. Most Dr eid fruits have about 40 - 50% sugar content, making them an unhealthy food or snack option. A better way to enjoy fruits is to have them fresh.

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