Meals to aviod before bedtime

Eating at night is a very controversial topic, what to eat and when to eat could be a challenge. 

Satisfying night cravings for some could be a ritual so how do we achieve our dream body and eating food we crave at night. Our take is that depending on the food you consume, nighttime snacking may enhance sleep quality and improve weight loss.


What food should you run away from at night? Here are some food you should avoid at night


1. Ice cream

Most people think the only reason they should minimize their ice cream intake is because of its sugar content but it affects your sleep by increasing your cortisol level and wakes you up from sleep.


2. Chocolates

The sugar and fat content of chocolate is high and the calories consumed when you take chocolate is high thus making you gain weight because they are addictive and you rarely stop at one bite 


3. Soda

If you really want to achieve your dream body by eating right, you should avoid soda at all cost. 


4. Swallow

It is very popular in Nigeria and it is very common in atleast 70% homes, it may be Pounded Yam, Fufu, Eba, Semo and the list continues. Eating swallow at night should be within a healthy intake of calories and on time. 



5. Fries

It has a high percentage of Oil, fries should be avoided at bedtime because they are high in calories and takes a while to digest thus making you feel heavy and restless.



I know that most of us are guilty of eating these foods but always keep in mind that all these foods won't help your weight loss journey. 

For you to lose weight you must substitute your unhealthy dinner meals with foods that would help your body be fit.

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