Why Are Women More Prone To Gaining Weight


Men and women are structured differently but the probability of women gaining weight than men is quite high and it has been proven to be true.

The  bodies of women use less fat for energy when they are at rest than men's bodies. Even when they both decide to go on a weight loss journey together, men are also prone to losing weight faster than women. 

This can be attributed to a lot of reasons, some of them are

1. Pregnancy effects

When a woman gets pregnant, she gains weight and more body fat. In addition, it’s often difficult for a new mother to find the time to exercise and sleep. And she’ll need both to shed those extra pounds.However, breastfeeding does help with burning calories and weight loss at this stage of life.

2. The Estrogen and Progesterone Balance

The female body tends to produce a lot of estrogen. Progesterone is a secondary hormone produced by the body to rein in the effects of estrogen. Commonly, the body can struggle maintaining a proper estrogen-progesterone balance during puberty, and again during perimenopause and menopause, when progesterone production tends to decline more rapidly than estrogen. As a result, we often see our bodies storing more fat in our teens and increased weight gain as we age. 

3. Depression

Women are know to be more emotional when it comes to situations like losing your loved one, loss of a job or even just a bad day. It is also known that some women use food to get over their depression. In such instances, it affects their meal plan and cause weight gain. Sometimes these habits are not easy to break from hence it’s harder to get back in shape. 

4. Low Metabolism activities

Women are known to do less strenuous work just as lifting heavy items and hence this  reduce their metabolism rate. In addition to this, the male body generally has more active metabolic mass more muscle, bigger hearts (physically speaking), larger kidneys, and less body fat in relation to body weight than the typical female. 


As a woman in her weight loss journey, it might seem like everything is against you and you might be discouraged that the weight loss journey is not for you but there’s always a way around these things. 

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